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Accessing QR codes

Accessing QR codes

This article is a quick guide to accessing and downloading a version of your QR code which can be used instead of the contactless cards. 

Finding your QR code

In order to Access your QR code the first step is to head to the  Menu section in the dashboard and press the Manage Menu button. 

 In the top-right corner of the menu screen will be the "QR code" button. After pressing on the "QR code" button a pop up  window will appear. 

Then simply click the "View QR Code" button for the specific location

On clicking the "View QR Code" button the following screen will be display this will allow you to download your QR Code or customise the style of your QR Code using the control on the right hand side.

To download your QR code click on the download button and select the file format you would like to download. As shown below.

If you intend to print the QR Code, we recommend downloading the SVG format file format.

Updated on: 11/07/2021

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