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Location Performance Analytics records every time a menu is scanned either by QR code or via the contactless cards touch feature. In this article we will look at where these recorded scans are kept and how to use this information to look and compare on your venue's performance

This article is a quick guide to how to view your locations performance statistics and compare customer trends using the analytics tools

Accessing your analytics

To access your Analytics page for your venue click on the Access button under the Analytics option on your dashboard. 

This will then take you to the Analytics page 

Understanding your analytics

The Analytics page consists of four main areas 

The Overview
Hourly menu scans
Daily menu scans
Monthly menu scans

The overview

The overview section consists of the first four boxes at the top of the screen. From here you will be able to look at. The total number of scans for your menu. The  daily average amount of scans for your venue receives. What your busiest day is terms of what day did you receive the most scans for your venue. The number of scans your venue has received today.

Hourly menu scans

This graph will show the peak number of menu scans via the hour. So you can compare the difference in scans through your business day.

Daily menu scans

This graph will show the peak number of scans your venue has received on each day it has been open. Allowing you to compare trends and customer behaviour to see what dates your venue is at it's busiest.

Monthly menu scans

This graph shows the total number of menu scans for your venue has received on a monthly basis. Allowing you to compare customer and footfall trends throughout the year.

Updated on: 22/02/2021

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