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Add a Location

Adding Locations

This article is a quick guide to adding your physical locations to your account.

Add a location

The first step is to click the Locations option on your dashboard screen as shown below. 

Now click on the Add Location button situated on the top right of the Locations screen. 

On clicking the Add Location button the following dialog screen will popup. Give your location a name, select the type of locations from the drop box. As you enter the address we will try and complete the address for you by showing you a list of addresses. Simply click the appropriate address from the list. 

Finally set your timezone, time format, currency and enter the number of tables at the location. To complete the process click the green "Save Location" button. 

Location Added

On clicking the Save Location button the dialogue screen will disappear and you will see the new location on the main Location screen as shown below.

Congratulation you have successfully added a location to your account. You can add as many locations as you need that will use the contactless menu solution. 

If you have a large number of locations contact the support team and we will bulk upload your locations for you.

Updated on: 24/02/2021

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