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Promotional Message

Promotional Message

This article is a quick guide to adding a promotional message to a location which your customers will be able to see when they access and view your menus.

Where to add a promotional message

In order to find area of the dashboard where you can craft and create your own promotional message. You will first want to head to the locations page by pressing on the "Manage Location" button on your dashboard. 

This will then take you the locations page, however you will want to head to the promotion page. To do this you will just need to click on the "Promotion" tab. 

This will then take you to the promotion page where you can craft your own promotional message. Once you have created your promotional message just hit the "Save Message" button once you are done! 

After saving your message this will instantly update your promotional message to your menu, so customer will be able to see the promotional message once they access the menu. 

Promotional messages are only available to clients with a Pro Plan subscription.

Updated on: 24/02/2021

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