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Adding Your Team

This article guides you through the process of adding your team mates to your account.

Adding Your Team

The first step is to click the Team option on your dashboard screen as shown below. 

You will then see the following screen asking you to add your first team member. Simply click the "Add Team Mate" button.

On clicking the "Add Team Mate" button the Team Manager dialogue will pop up asking you to select the role / permissions that you would like a team mate to have along with there name and email address. Alist of your locations is displayed simply switch on the locations that you would like this team mate to have access to. 

Roles & Access Restrictions

As mentioned above you can choose the role and associated access restrictions when adding or editing a team mate. To help you choose the appropiate role for your team take a look at the permissons matrix below. The owner is associated with the account holder only.

Once you have completed the dialogue above click the green "Create Account" button. The dialogue popup will close and you will see the following screen show the new team mate you just added.

Your team mate will receive an automated email inviting them to login to your account.  To add additional team mates click the blue "Add Team Mate" button

The Team feature is only available to clients with a Pro Plan subscription.

Updated on: 24/02/2021

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