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Edit Team Mate

This article guides you through the process of editing a team mate and resetting the password.

Edit Team Mate

The first step is to click the Team option on your dashboard as shown below. 

You will then see the list of all of your team mates as shown below.

Next to the name and email address of the team mate you wish to change and click the edit icon as shown below.

On clicking the edit icon the Team Manager dialogue window will open showing you the current setting off the team mate as shown in screenshot below.

If the team has never signed in to there account a red box will be displayed as shown above. This is helpful indicator for the administrator to see which team members have signed in for the first time.

The options are the same as detailed on the adding your team article the only difference is the red Reset Password button, bottom left of the screen. If you wish to reset the team mates password simply click the button and OK the confirmation popup. An email wil be automatically sent to the team mate confirming there new account credentials and sign in instructions.

Updated on: 24/02/2021

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