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My Account

This article is a quick guide to viewing your account details and updating your account details. 

Viewing your account details

If you want to check your account details on Menuflow, the first step is to click the My Account option on your dashboard screen, as shown below. 

This will then take you to your account details page, where you can see what contact details you currently have registered and what delivery address you currently have registered. 

Updating your account details

If you wish to update your account details for any reason, such as changed contact details or a changed delivery address. Then make the relevant changes in the relevant fields on the account details page and click on the "Update Account" button. 

After pressing the Update Account button, you should see that the account details page has been updated with the relevant changes. 

It is important that your account details are correct and kept up to date in case we need to contact you or you have requested us to ship more cards to you.

Updated on: 08/11/2022

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