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Getting Started

Getting Started

Please read this guide before unboxing your Menuflow OrderStation terminal. It will help you get set up quicker and easier.

So your package has so let's get unboxing. Inside the package will be two boxes a larger black box which is the Terminal and a smaller box which is your power base. Inside the box you should have the following contents.

Please note: The receipt roll is normally already installed in the terminal

If the paper roll has not been inserted into the OrderStation terminal you can install it as follows:

1) Gently lift the orange cover from the top until it clicks and then lift up the printer cover.
2) Place the roll into the terminal as shown above.
3) Close the printer cover and push down until it clicks into place.

Assembly Instructions

1) Remove the plastic wrap from the power adapter and connect the power cable to the adapter.

2) Next connect the other end of the power cable to the slot on the underside of the power base.

3) Plug the adapter into the wall socket.

4) Take the Menuflow OrderStation terminal and place it into the power base. The terminal will immediately start charging.

Woohoo! You have successfully assembled your OrderStation Terminal

Power Up Your OrderStaton Terminal

1) Next Power the terminal by a long press on the small power button on the top left-hand side of the terminal as shown in the diagram below.

2) Once the terminal has booted the following home screen will appear

3) The final step of the setup process is to connect your Menuflow OrderStation Terminal to your WiFi network. Please follow the instructions on how to do this here.

Launch the OrderStation App

To launch the OrderStation App simply tap the OrderStation Icon as shown in the above screenshot and the application will launch. You should see the following screen when the app starts.

Congrats You are all set to receive orders. Take a look through the Menuflow OrderStation guides for more information on how to use your terminal.

Updated on: 31/07/2022

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