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Menu Availability

Managing Menu Availability

Ever have one of those menu items so popular that supply can't keep up with your customers demand. With Menuflow's menu item avaialbility feature you can avoid any customer disappointment from having to tell them that their favourite menu items have run out. Menu Availability allows you turn specific menu items invisible for your customers to avoid them accidentally ordering an items which might have run out

To access this page

1) First select the menu options icon which is located at the top left of the screen. Once the menu screen has popped up on your Orderstation device simply select "Menu availability".

2) Once on your menu availability page you can turn an item unavailable by pressing on the green toggle and it will seemly update the digital menu your customer view.

When an menu item is back in stock and ready for your customers to order you just need to simply re-click on the menu items toggle and it will be available for your customers to order!

Updated on: 01/08/2022

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