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Receiving Orders

Receiving Orders on your Terminal

1) To start receiving orders on your OrderStation terminal first make sure your OrderStation terminal is powered on, connected to WiFi, and you have the order mode set to "Available". If you are unsure how to power on your terminal, connect it to WiFi or set the order mode to available, please refer to our Getting Started Guide.

When the device is correctly set up, you should see the "waiting for new orders" page

2) The next and most crucial step is to wait for an order to be placed! Once a customer has placed their order via your Menuflow digital menu, your OrderStation terminal will automatically play a chime sound, and the following screen below will appear. This will signify that your terminal has just received a new order

3) To view your active orders simply tap anywhere on the terminal screen

This will take you to your active order screen, where you can see all your orders that have yet to be completed. Each order has a unique order number as well as information about the time the order was placed, the table number, and the number of items in the order

4) To accept the order, tap the print icon on the right-hand side of the order. This will then print off a copy of the order receipt and change the order box from green to grey which signifies an order has been printed and the order is currently being prepared by your kitchen.

5) Now you can either print off another copy of the order receipt by re-tapping the print icon or confirm the order has been completed by pressing on the green tick Icon. Once the tick icon has been pressed the order will move from active orders to completed orders. When you have completed all of the active orders, you will then be taken back to the default waiting for orders screen until the next order is placed by a customer.

If you would like to know how to view the completed orders page, please see this handy guide Accessing completed orders

Updated on: 01/08/2022

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