Adding, Editing and Deleting Menus

This article is a quick guide to the basics of creating, editing and deleting menus in your account. 

Add a menu

The first step is to click the Menus option on your dashboard screen as shown below. 

Now click on the Add Menu button situated on the top right of the Menus screen. 

On clicking the add button the follow dialog screen will popup. Give your menu a name and an optional description and choose the Layout and Currency preference. Then click the green "Create Menu" button to complete the process. 

Edit a menu

Navigate to Menus, on the Menu screen find the menu you want to edit. As shown below click the green icon next to the name of your menu. 

On clicking the green edit icon the follow dialog screen will popup. Make the changes you need and click the green "Save Changes" button.

Delete a menu

Navigate to Menus, find the menu you want to delete. As show below click the options button and select the "Delete Menu" option. You will be asked to confirm your deletion before the menu is deleted.

Please Note: Once a menu is deleted it can not be recovered!
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