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Menu Items

Menu Items

In this article we take you through the steps of using the menu builder to add items to a menu section.

Accessing the menu builder

On the main menu screen find the menu you wish to build or edit. If you have not created any menu yet please read this guide first

As shown on the screen below click the Edit Menu button.

Adding Menu Items

Before adding Items to your menu you must first add a section to the menu. If you have not yet added a section please read this article.

Below is a an example of what the Sections column should look like. We recommend addting all of your menu sections prior to adding Items.

To add an item to a section simply click on a menu Section which will highlight in blue. On the right hand side of the screen click on the green Add Item button as shown below.

On clicking the green Add Items button the Item manager dialog will appear. The Item manager has a number of options as shown on the screen below and following detailed guide.  

You do not need to use all of the options available on the Item Manager. We have included options that cover the majority of requirements to support a wide range of items and dishes. To help you navigate what options you should use the following bullet points summarise the options and link to detailed guides for the most important.

Add Photo - this optional featue allows you to upload a photo for an item. For more detailse see uploading and changing photos
Item Name - this is the name or title of your item and is a mandatory field.
Description -  this is an optional field, the description should give guests the info they need to understand the dish.
Indicators - are small icons that are placed next ot the title of your dishes and items that highlight dietary guidance. For more detailse see adding Indicators
Price - the price is a mandoatory fieild, an item can have multiple prices. If you want an item not to have a price just enter 0.01 in the price field. For more detailse see pricing and labels
Price Label - price labels are optional for the first price point but must be used if you have multiple price points. A price label is useful when your have more than one price point for the item. For more detailse see pricing and labels .
Add Callout - Callouts is our answer to how traditional menus use design and borders to draw attention to specific dishes. For more detailse see Callouts
Item to Spacer - this feature converts an item (title and description only) to a sub heading within the Menu Section. This is useful for items that comprise of multiple courses such as set menus.

Uploading and changing photos

When adding a new item your upload a photo of your dish using the Add Photo feature. As shown in the animation below adding a photo is as simple as clicking the Add Photo button selecting your photo via the popup file browser.

A preview of your photo and the filename is instantly shown on screen. If you accidently selected the wrong file, simply click the Change Photo button and select an alternative file. This will instantly replace the first photo as shown in the animation below.

To change a Photo for an existing item simply click the edit item icon (see item controls further down the page). You will see a different Photo box showing the existing Photo that is displayed for the litem.

You have two options from the drop down menu when clicking on the Options Buton ( ... ) as shown in the above animation.

Change Photo - Clicking this option will remove the existing photo and show the Add Photo box as shown above.
Remove - this will remove the photo and the Photo box will disappear.

We recommend that you keep the file size of your photo's below 150k per photo. This ensures that your menu's load quickly and your guests get the best user experiance. Here is a handy link to a free online tool that reduces your photo files.

Pricing and labels

Different items and dishes can have different pricing policies. The Item Manger allows you to add up to 6 different price point with a label option for each one. The animation below shows how to add and remove multiple prices.

A price label is useful when your have more than one price point for the item. The Price Label field is not mandatory for the first price, however this becomes mandatory if you add more than one price.

In the event that an item does not have a price just enter 0.01 in the first price field. This will hide the price when a guest views your menu.


Callouts is's answer to how traditional menus use design and borders to draw attention and promote a specific dish.

To enable a Callout on an Item simply switch on the Callout and set the Callout Tag as shown in the animation below. The Callout Tag is the text (html icons supported) shown on the Callout border (see below).

Below is an example of what an item looks like when the Callout features is enabled, the colors will reflect your branding and the Callout Tag will display what you set as explined above.

Once you have added the details of your menu item click on the green Add Item button to save the menu item. 

Adding More Items

You can add an unlimited number of Items to a Menu Section. To add additional items simply click the green Add Item button on the main menu builder screen and the Item manager dialog will appear as detailed in the article above.

Below is an example of what your menu builder will look like once you have added multiple items. If you decide not to add an image to an item a green place holder icon will be shown in place of an image as shown below. 

Item Controls

As you can see on the screenshot above each menu item has a number of controls the animation below show you what each control does.  

Re-ordering Menu Items

You can change the position and order of your menu items. As shown below this is a simply process of dragging and dropping the item you wish to re-order. When you drop an Item into a new position the menu builder automatically saves the change. The order of the Items shown on the menu builder is the order that the Items will be shown when a customers views your menu.

Updated on: 01/03/2021

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