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Introduction to Building Menus

Introduction to Building Menus

This article is a quick guide to building your menu on the platform. Building your menu takes at little time but has many advantages over uploading a PDF menu. Here are just a few of the benefits:

Made for mobile - easy to use, better experience for your guests
Instant updates - change, hide or delete a menu item or section in a click
Menu duplication - easily build and duplicate your menus
Schedule menus - display menus at different times of the day
Customize - control the look and style of your menus

Menu Builder Introduction

Before we jump in and start building a menu, it is helpful to understand the philosophy of the platform. This will help you better understand why the menu builder works the way it does. The team have helped build thousands of menus for clients like yourself. Menus can take many forms, layouts and differing content however nearly all have common components. We call this M.S.I this stands for Menu. Section. Item and this is the structure used by the menu builder. 

Below is a little more detail on M.S.I

MENU - some businesses have a single menu, others have multiple menus for example - Food Menu, Beverage Menu, Cocktail Menu. Depending on your menu strategy this should be reflected on the number of menus you add to your account per location.
SECTION - regardless of the type of menu you are building it will have sections. In the case of a food menu sections would be something like - Starters, Mains, Sides and Desserts. The menu builder allows you to add unlimited sections to a menu.
ITEM - Items are attached to a section an item typically has a title, description and price but may also have an image or multiple prices. The menu builder allows you to add unlimited items to a section with many options to fit with your requirements.

Okay now we have covered the key concepts lets get to building your menus. Please follow the links below in the order shown:

Step one: add a new menu

Step two: add sections to a menu

Step three: add items to a section

Updated on: 24/02/2021

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