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Changing Menu Positions

Changing Menu Positions

As you add more menu to your account you may need to rearrange the order in which the menu are displayed to guests. For example if you have three menus in the following order (Desserts, Mains, Appetisers) it would make more sense to re-order them to (Appetisers, Mains, Desserts). In this article we will take through the steps to reorder your menus.

Step One

Sign in to your account

On the menu screen find the menu you wish to change the order. As show below click the options button and select the "Change Position" option.

Changing the position and order

The Menu Positions dialogue will popup as show below. Listed here are all of your menus, highlighted with a grey bar is the menu that you selected as indicated below on the Main Menu.

You can change the position and order of any of the menus in the list by either clicking and dragging the green dots icon to the left of a menu or using the green up or down arrows on the right. Changes are saved automatically as you shift a menu's position.  

Once completed simply click the ( x ) on the top right of the screen to close the popup. You will be returned to the menu screen and you'll will notice on your menu have now been reorder as per the position you set.

Updated on: 24/02/2021

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