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Menu Sections

Menu Sections

In this article we take you through the steps of using the menu builder to add sections to your menu.

Accessing the menu builder

On the main menu screen find the menu you wish to build or edit. If you have not created any menu yet please read this guide first

As shown on the screen below click the Edit Menu button.

Adding Menu Sections

On clicking the Edit Menu button if no sections have been added to the menu. The Menu builder dialogue will popup as show below. Simply click on the Add Section button to get started.

On click the Add Section button the pop up section manager dialog will appear as shown below. 

The Section manager has a number of options here is quick summary of each one:

Title -  this is the title of the menu section which is a mandatory field. Whatever you enter here will be added to the menu navigation bar when the customer scans your QR Code. Shorter titles work best.
Intro - This optional field should be used when you have policies associated with dishes such as options, combinations or restricted serving times.
Footnotes - You can enter any additional information which is secondary to the intro. This optional field should be used when your dishes require a disclaimer or footnote.
Once you have added the details of your menu section click on the Add Section button to add the menu section to your menu. 

Menu Sections

You can add an unlimited number of sections to your menu. To add additional section simply click the green Add Section button on the main menu builder screen and the Section manager dialog will appear as detailed in the section above.

Below is an example of what you menu builder will look like once you have added multiple sections. 

Section Controls

As you can see on the animation below each menu section has a number of controls the animation below show you what each control does.  

Re-ordering Menu Sections

You can change the position and order of your menu sections. As shown below this is a simply process of dragging and dropping the section you wish to reorder. When you drop a section into a new position the menu builder automatically saves the change. The order of the sections shown on the menu builder is the order that the section will be shown on the menu navigation when a guest views your menu.

Edit Section

To edit the details of a section simply click the menu section you wish to edit. This will refresh the Items section on the right side of the screen. As show below click the popup link next to the section title. The section dialogue window will appear so you can change the settings and contents.

Delete Section

To delete a section open the Edit Section dialogue window as detailed in the Edit Section guide above. Simply click the the Delete button in the bottom left and click OK on the popup confirmation box as shown in the animation below.

Updated on: 24/02/2021

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