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Uploading PDF Menus

Uploading PDF Menus

We recommend that you build out your menus using the menu builder. However you can also upload a PDF version of your menus. In this article we will take you through the required steps to do this.

Create a new menu

Sign in to your account

On the Menu screen click on the Add Menu button situated on the top right of the screen. On clicking the add button the follow dialog screen will popup.

Enter the name of your new menu and add an optional description if required. The Menu Layout and Display currency are not used on PDF menu so leave the default options and click the Create menu button.

Upload a PDF menu file

You will see your new menu appear on the menu screen. As shown below click the options button and select Upload PDF.

The Upload dialogue screen will popup as shown below, click the "Choose file to upload" button and then click the green Upload PDF button.

The Upload dialogue window will close and you will notice that your menu has changed as show in the screenshot below. The Menu Type is now PDF and the green button has changed from Edit Menu to View PDF. Clicking this button will open your PDF in a new browser window so you can verify that you uploaded the correct file.

So you have successfully upload your PDF menu, awesome! 
The last step is to make it visible to your guests. Click on the option button and selective Link to Location menu as shown below.

The Link to Location dialogue will popup (shown below) listing all of the locations you have added to your account. To link your PDF menu at a specific location simply toggle the switch green next to the locations you wish to make your menu visible.

Once complete simply click the ( x ) on the top right of the screen to close the popup. 

Woohoo! you just successfully uploaded a PDF menu. You'll notice on your menu that the Linked Location counter has changed to reflect the number of locations displaying your menu.

Updated on: 24/02/2021

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