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Duplicating Menus

Duplicating Menus

So you've built the perfect menu with multiple sections and many items. Now you need the same menu slightly modified for a new menu or a different location. In this article Duplicating Menus comes to the rescue saving you time and keeping your menus consistent.

Duplicate a menu

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On the Menu screen find the menu you want to duplicate. As show below click the options button and select the "Duplicate Menu" option.

On clicking Duplicate Menu a prompt will popup on the screen as shown below.

Once the duplication process has completed the screen will refresh. The new duplicated menu will be shown along side the original. The only difference is the name of the new menu which will have "(Copy)" appended to the original menu name, so you can easily identify it as shown below.

Please Note: The new menu is not linked to any location and therefore it is not visible at the time of duplication.

Change the menu settings

The Menu Scheduler dialogue will popup as show below. As a default your menu is showing 24 hours per day. The scheduler allows you to enter a start time and an end time. This time range is when you want your menu to show. Once you have enter your desired schedule simply click the "Update Schedule" button to save. 

Updated on: 24/02/2021

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